Head of Program Message

The aim of the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering program is to train experts who have the knowledge to follow up-to-date information in the field, and to provide students who are entitled to graduate and doctorate degrees with the ability to diagnose industrial and academic problems in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering, to offer solutions, and to apply them. Many of the technical problems that stand out in today's engineering and applied sciences require a multidisciplinary approach. Specialization areas of Mechanical Engineering such as Design, Assembly, Control, Robotics, Construction, Manufacturing and Maintenance are frequently needed in the research & development and design processes of traditional aviation systems such as aircraft, helicopters, rockets and guided missiles, which are also very important for our country. Among the aims of the program are there to  train qualified manpower and R&D personnel consisting of engineers and scientists specialized in Mechanical and Aircraft Engineering by providing the most effective Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering training, to support large-scale innovative research projects which  are established with international cooperation and open to cooperation, and to train personnel who will work as senior managers, module designers, experts or project managers in these projects

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hamit TEKİN